Download the One Good Thing a Day Worksheet:

Solutions to issues often come down to one individual starting the movement. Think of Terry Fox or Martin Luther King: they brought about change from humble beginnings. Their intention was simple: do something to make a difference.

You can make a difference in your workplace simply by thinking of practical, creative ways to reach out to your co-workers. You can buy a co-worker a coffee and have a chat, or say hello to people when you first get to work. Who knows where it can lead from there? We thought we would get the ball rolling by creating some sample ideas that you can do on a regular basis to make a difference. We hope it inspires you to think of some great new ideas of your own.

All major change in the world started out with an idea. What is yours?

Ideas to do One Good Thing a Day

Buy someone a coffee.

Open a door for someone.

Say please and thank you.

Do an anonymous good deed.

Be a good listener.

Compliment a co-worker or offer them a kind word.

Create a One Good Thing a Day contest.


Organize a movie night for your team.

Bring in a treat to share.

Plan a coffee party to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday or holiday.

Develop a social committee to ensure that no one’s special event gets overlooked.

Listen attentively when others speak.

Be a team player and pitch in to help others.

Speak to others as you want to be spoken to.

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Get to know your colleagues; find out what’s happening with them so you can deal with them in a better way.

Ask what is happening in the life of your co-worker.

Ask how they are doing.

High five someone or give a thumbs up.


We know that these are simple gestures. If everyone did them on a regular basis, the amount of co-worker abuse incidents would be reduced or eliminated all together. It would also improve your work life and make things better for your patients.

Give it some thought, and see what ideas you or your team can come up with. Have some fun with the ideas and remember, laughter is the best medicine.